[RC5] stats gobbling

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Fri Nov 28 09:44:57 EST 1997

Ryan Dumperth wrote:
> If you care about having your work count, check your personal logs
> once in a while. My log says that I uploaded 206 blocks to
> rc5proxy.bovine.net between [11/27/97 00:07:00 GMT] and [11/27/97
> 23:48:48 GMT]. The stats page for my email says I submitted 98 during
> the same time period. This sort of thing happens frequently, and those
> missing blocks don't reappear. Holding blocks "hostage" is one thing,
> but holding them until you believe that the proxy network won't lose
> them is another. What a crock.

  get on IRC efnet #RC5 or email nugget at slacker.com and offer
him a copy of your logs so he can check them against the stats
database. If there are problems the only way they can be found
is if someone steps forward with a set of logs that show the

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