[RC5] Segmentation Fault with linux client!! (nohup.out!)

Alfredo Sanjuan alfre at ibd.es
Fri Nov 28 11:05:23 EST 1997

I've upgrade the linux kernel some days ago, before this, the rc5 client runs
just fine (20-25 days or so...). The machine is a system running INN, Squid,
sendmail..., and it serves POP3 mail for about 1000 users. It's a rock solid
system (Thanks Linus! :-), but the latest kernel is hangry with the rc5

The system has tipically an uptime  of 80-100 days without problems...I don't
know what's the problem now...


>I can't see how /any/ of this would cause a segfault, new kernel or no..
>have you tried running other programs with nohup and tailing, to see if
>they also die with a segfault under your current configuration?

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