Pirating (Useless. Was: [RC5] Win32: feature cree

John Ragland tachyon at icom.net
Fri Nov 28 21:15:05 EST 1997

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997 12:36:04 -0500 (EST), Richard Freeman wrote:

>On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, John Ragland wrote:
>> I will never use Word and will never buy it. According to your logic,
>> if I have a copy of it, I have cost its developers money which is not
>> true.

>Actually, it is true.  You suggest that to have a copy of Word, but not to
>pay for it or use it does not cost anyone money.  Well, if you really
>don't use it, its kind of silly to keep around, isn't it?  Just go ahead
>and delete it.  On the other hand, if it is of some strange sentimental
>value to you to have a copy that you aren't using, then you could just as
>well have paid for that copy, depsite your not using it...  So, M$ lost
>money...  After all, you could have paid for it and still not used it and
>kept a copy around.  Or, you could not pay for it, not use it, and not
>keep it around.  Who on earth copies software for the purpose of letting
>it sit somewhere and never with the intention to use it or distribute it -
>both of which are clearly illegal?

Obviously if I don't have the money to buy something, don't plan to
buy it, and won't use it, they have not lost money. You are saying if
I have copies of 1,000 programs retail valued at $1,000 each, I have
lost the companies $1,000,000 even though I will never make that much
money in my entire life.

I would love to be guaranteed an income like many software companies

>This is the silliest argument I've ever seen.

You're right, I am more of a proponent of "piracy" now than before.

>Well, if I chose not to buy
>something then the company loses money - true, but this is not illegal.
>What is wrong is to use a program without paying for it...  For most
>people, using a program means running it and doing something with it...
>It seems that maybe you are a strange sort and that you extract value from
>possessing the programs rather than running them - for you I guess you
>could say then that using the program is tantamount to possessing it...

There are plenty of people who collect programs without using them and
if I wish to do that, that is my choice.

>The reason that laws are devised are to make practical life possible - not
>to satisfy the imagination of somebody who can think of zillions of
>hypothetical situations that have little value in real life...

I do not obey _your_ laws, I obey reasonable laws. I do not obey
_your_ "contract" unless _I_ get something in return. You do not speak
for humanity.
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