[RC5] Segmentation Fault with linux client!!

Matt Perry matt at primefactor.com
Fri Nov 28 18:27:43 EST 1997

This is more than likely a problem with the work around code in 2.0.32 for
the F00F bug.  I know that the fix uses the MMU to catch the exception
made by the bug before it's executed.  It's propably misinterptriting the
exception as the F00F bug rather than a true exception.

Matt Perry | matt at primefactor dot com
"After ecstacy, laundry." - Zen writing

> >I've installed 2.0.32 on a P133 and latest client works fine. When 2.0.32
> >encounters a F0 0F bug, it writes
> >
> >Illegal Instruction (core dumped)

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