Pirating (Useless. Was: [RC5] Win32: feature cree

Jay Tamboli rbeef at memphisonline.com
Fri Nov 28 16:08:37 EST 1997

At 15:37 11/28/97 , you wrote:
>On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, John Ragland wrote:
>> There are plenty of people who collect programs without using them and
>> if I wish to do that, that is my choice.
>I believe in collecting expensive automobiles.  I therefore intend to rob
>my neighbors of theirs.  Of course, I won't use them, so therefore its
>perfectly OK...  Silly, isn't it?  The fact is, even if you only value
>the possession of them, you still owe the money...  You don't have the
>choice that you claim that you do have.  It isn't a choice of use it and
>pay for it or not.  It is more like, possess it and pay for it or not...
Ah, but you are comparing physical objects now. If I get my neighbor's car,
he can't have it. I have taken it from him. However, if he has a nice
program, I can copy it. He is in the exact same position as before. In fact
the only change that has happened is that I have a chunk of disk space
marked as used. If I don't run the program, the program is irrelevant. It's
just ones and zeros, sitting on my disk, serving absolutely no purpose. The
only person inconvenienced is myself, the owner of the disk space.
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