[RC5] Bigger Key Buffer

Oliver von Bueren ovb at ovb.ch
Sat Nov 29 11:50:55 EST 1997


Are there any plans when the Windows GUI 95/NT x86 version will be
recompiled to allow more keyblocks in the input buffer. As I
understand, there are some other clients that already support this.

The current limit of 200 blocks is for a PPro 200 definitely too low,
I would need to connect around every 30 hours to fetch new blocks.
That is, especially on weekends, not that easy.

Another thing is the transfer from/to the proxy servers. It takes way
to long to get the block over the net. I tested it several times, it
is not a connectivity to the net, as at the same time I can transfer a
file with about 6 to 7Bytes per second. I'm using an ISDN dialup link.
But to get the 200 blocks in and out, it sometimes takes more than
half a hour. Any suggestions?


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