[RC5] No net access for weeks at a time....

Maverick maverick at ninja.techwood.org
Sat Nov 29 08:04:51 EST 1997

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997, Peter Stevens wrote:

> I'm a student and my PC will be off the net for about 3 weeks over
> Christmas - to keep mine going without starting on random blocks I reckon I
> would need about 2000 blocks - and I'm on a relatively slow machine. The
> buffer limit should be increased to something really quite large. Plus, in
> the summer it will be 13weeks.....

  Will you not be netted over X-mas because you are taking your machine
home with you and you're not going to be on the school's ethernet?  Same
question about over the summer....  How can you go that long without
connecting to the net?  Can you not get net access in your home town/city?

Just curious....


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