[RC5] GUI client hangs?

Lord Somnolent sleepy at os.com
Sat Nov 29 11:57:12 EST 1997

fpeeler at mediaone.net wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm still new at this, but I have the client running on ~20 machines at
> work, and most of them cannot complete a 24 hour cycle without locking
> up. (v2.6401 Win32 GUI).
> Usually this happens when they are trying to commmunicate with the
> keyserver (I'm running a proxyper now, but it was happening before I
> starting using that).  Even though hung and not responding to stop or
> guicntrl signals, they still use 100% CPU.  They have to be "end tasked"
> to shut them down.  Most affected machines are Pentium MMX's, though
> I've seen it on non-MMX Pentiums, as well. I've also seen it on both
> Win95 OSR2 and NT4 SP3.

Had this same question, and popped into #rc5 and asked someone. Forgot
who it was, but they said it was still working (hence 100% CPU usage).

Check the datestamps on buff-in and buff-out. Even when the program is
"hung" they should still change accordingly.

The problem you are describing is a bug with the logging system... it
will still continue chugging away.
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