[RC5] rc5-64 vs. v3

Lord Somnolent sleepy at os.com
Sat Nov 29 12:45:25 EST 1997

Seren Thompson wrote:
> You know, the 64-bit key seems breakable at the moment since bovine's speed
> just keeps increasing. What's going to happen though when the v3 clients
> come out and a huge section of the effort breaks off to persue other
> distributed efforts?  The assumption everyone has made about breaking
> rc5-64 is that bovine is just going to get faster and faster while, if I'm
> not mistaken, the reality is that our (key-cracking) speed will plumet when
> v3 comes out.

Excitement will increase as more and more problems are tackled thanks to
v3, and with exposure in the press the distributed effort will get
larger, much larger. So overall speed for each task won't necessarily
plumet at that point.
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