[RC5] rc5-64 vs. v3

Mike Tetreault miket at chandler-group.com
Sat Nov 29 13:25:53 EST 1997

>You know, the 64-bit key seems breakable at the moment since bovine's speed
>just keeps increasing. What's going to happen though when the v3 clients
>come out and a huge section of the effort breaks off to persue other
>distributed efforts?

Something else to keep in mind is that given the efforts toward distributed
computing accomplishments thus far, more and more projects will come online.
People will choose to support the project that most closely interests them.
Were I more into mathematics, perhaps I'd throw all my cpu's toward mersenne
primes. One project that's coming that I'm actually quite interested in
seeing is the SETI at home project, for examining SETI data. Bovine would
appear to have the lead in the more fully functional and battle hardened
client, but let's face it: What's cooler? Breaking a crypto code or sifting
through data looking for aliens?


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