[RC5] No net access for weeks at a time....

Jim McManus jim.mcmanus at ibm.net
Sat Nov 29 12:07:19 EST 1997

I have a similar problem as Peter. I have 3 Pentium/Pro machines in my cube plus
a Sparc 20 and two laptops but only 3 Ethernet connections. I was putting the
client and the
buffer files on a floppy and running from the floppy one the unconnected
machines, then moving the floppy to a machine that was connected and flushing the
blocks. Until the
floppy fragged while trying to fetch more blocks, so I quit doing that. One of
the laptops
tends to overheat the Ethernet card and I have turn it off and let the card cool
to get a good
connection, so I don't flush it too often. Being only a P120 Laptop, 200 blocks
lasts a while.

However, one of the unconnected machines is a Dual PP200 and gets close to 1
and runs through the 200 blocks in just over a day. 2000 blocks would last me
about 10
days and reduce the maintenance needed. On all the machines that are permanently
connected (My Sparc, several other Sparcs I've logged into and several  other
PC's around
here) I usually set the buffer to 5:5. I've tried to stay out of the office over
the Thanksgiving
holiday (I did take a laptop home...) so I couldn't keep feeding the PP200. It's
a hungry little

Maybe the client should have an option to "moo" when generating a random block,
so I
would know when the cows are hungry...

Maverick wrote:

> On Sat, 29 Nov 1997, Peter Stevens wrote:
> > I'm a student and my PC will be off the net for about 3 weeks over
> > Christmas - to keep mine going without starting on random blocks I reckon I
> > would need about 2000 blocks - and I'm on a relatively slow machine. The
> > buffer limit should be increased to something really quite large. Plus, in
> > the summer it will be 13weeks.....
>   Will you not be netted over X-mas because you are taking your machine
> home with you and you're not going to be on the school's ethernet?  Same
> question about over the summer....  How can you go that long without
> connecting to the net?  Can you not get net access in your home town/city?
> Just curious....

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