[RC5] rc5-64 vs. v3

Paul Chvostek paul at it.ca
Sat Nov 29 14:26:50 EST 1997

Quoth L. M. Nonog:
> I vote for SETI - for what it's worth.  :)

The problem with alot of the projects that may come up, including SETI,
is that they're not really goal oriented.

With RC5, we know what the goal is.  There's an element of chance, but
you can dedicate more CPUs to increase your own chance of winning, and
you can impose on friends to increase your team's standing.

With open-ended projects like SETI, we have no assurance that this
"largest computer ever" can actually come up with an answer.  With RC5,
we know there's a key, and we know there's a maximum amount of time we
could possibly have to work to find it.  Someone can "win" this game.

How do you "win" at statistical analysis?

I certainly think analysis of SETI data is a worthwhile venture, but I
think in order to draw more participants, the project will need a steady
stream of projects like RC5, that have an end in sight and have some
sort of "prize".  It's unfortunate, but even if the technology works
perfectly, we still have to market the thing if we want it to fly.

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