[RC5] No net access for weeks at a time....

Eric Folley efolley at ziplink.net
Sat Nov 29 16:12:41 EST 1997

I can identify with those who are worried about having to rely upon
randomly generated blocks while away from their machines for extended
periods of time. I have a copy of the client running on a machine 500 miles
away from me, and it will be running off random blocks for some time (bless
mom -- she can turn the DOS client on and off, but I'm not about to try to
get her to learn how to work with win31 client and tcpman, since she uses
AOL for internet connectivity, which doesn't seem to want to let the win31
client do its stuff).

But while I'll be lucky to get home once every two or three months or so,
I'm not particularly worried, for these reasons:

1) Since this project has searched well under 1% of the keyspace, the
chance of duplicating work is fairly low. At some later date, as the
percentage of the keyspace searched increases, this will become more of an
issue, but for now...

2) As I understand it, there is no real limit to the size of the
buff-out.rc5 file, that is, even if the buff-out file has 2000 blocks in
it, I should be able to send it off using a properly networked client.

Two lingering concerns:

1) Is what I say in 2) above true?

2) Are random blocks "truely" random, i.e. the seed is not hard-coded, but
is obtained by something from the system at generation time?

I, too, would like to see larger buffers become the norm, but I can wait.
(I hope).


Eric Folley
Alexandria, VA  USA
efolley at ziplink.net

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