[RC5] rc5-64 vs. v3

Mike Tetreault miket at chandler-group.com
Sat Nov 29 18:53:59 EST 1997

>I certainly think analysis of SETI data is a worthwhile venture, but I
>think in order to draw more participants, the project will need a steady
>stream of projects like RC5, that have an end in sight and have some
>sort of "prize".  It's unfortunate, but even if the technology works
>perfectly, we still have to market the thing if we want it to fly.

Perhaps.... Given that the same number of people in their twenties believe
in aliens as believe that they'll receive social security (34%), SETI could
make an impact in that age group, which I would imagine to be the largest
single age group participating in RC5.

I don't think prizes will be necessary. I'd participate in RC5 with or
without prizes. For an effort that has an intrinsic neatness with minimal
effort necessary, bribes are irrelevant. Do you really think you're going to
win the $1000? I certainly don't think I will. I get satisfaction enough in
knowing that I'm participating in something that I couldn't do by myself,
regardless of how much money I threw at it (okay, given infinite money, I
suppose...). If I find it, wonderful. If not, I'll know I made it that much
easier to find.

SETI seems to have many grand ideas. Check it out at
http://www.bigscience.com/ to see for yourself. Particularly interesting in
my mind is the ability to use the screensaver to give feedback and
information on the project and view current data. That instant feedback is
something that a compujunkie like me lives and thrives on. :)


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