[RC5] No net access for weeks at a time....

Eric Folley efolley at ziplink.net
Sun Nov 30 02:16:16 EST 1997

At 10:26 PM -0500 11/29/97, Justin Cave wrote:

>My understanding is that the INI file specifies the first 8 bits of
>the random number to be generated.  Presumably, this was done to make
>it easier to use the 56-bit random number generator and to simplify
>block accounting.  Unfortunately, this means that your clients are
>probably generating random numbers in the same .3% of the keyspace
>that we're 33+% done searching.  I believe that changing the
>randomprefix in the INI file to a number in the range [0,255] will
>let clients generate random blocks in an unsearched or sparsely
>searched region of the keyspace.

I just looked at the .ini file of the DOS client, and didn't see any
setting that would indicate that this is the case. Am I missing something?

And just for the record, if it is true that "randomness" is predetermined
somehow (even if user-configurable), it shouldn't be.


Eric Folley
Alexandria, VA  USA
efolley at ziplink.net

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