[RC5] No net access for weeks at a time....

Eric Folley efolley at ziplink.net
Sun Nov 30 02:43:33 EST 1997

At 1:54 AM -0500 11/30/97, Ryan Dumperth wrote:

>>My understanding is that the INI file specifies the first 8 bits of
>>the random number to be generated.  Presumably, this was done to make
>>it easier to use the 56-bit random number generator and to simplify
>>block accounting.  Unfortunately, this means that your clients are
>>probably generating random numbers in the same .3% of the keyspace
>>that we're 33+% done searching.  I believe that changing the
>>randomprefix in the INI file to a number in the range [0,255] will
>>let clients generate random blocks in an unsearched or sparsely
>>searched region of the keyspace.
>As one of the coders has mentioned before on this list, this ini setting is
>not to be touched by the user. The client will change it when it gets a key
>from a different section of the keyspace. Help d.net manage the blocks
>efficiently, and don't mess with that setting.

If this is the case, is it then true that the math above is correct, i.e.
that each random block processed stands a 33% chance of being duplicative

Upon reflection, I can understand the desire to more easily manage the
keyspace. But then again, I don't like the idea that my extra cycles are
going "to waste" simply because my machine does not have net access for
extended periods of time.

Can someone please clarify this situation? Sorry if this has been asked before.


Eric Folley
Alexandria, VA  USA
efolley at ziplink.net

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