[RC5] Bigger Key Buffer

Peter Opitz PeterOpitz at t-online.de
Sun Nov 30 11:15:49 EST 1997

Hallo Lunaslide!

Am 29. November 1997 schrieb lunaslide an rc5 at llamas.net:

 l> I do it by hand because the fetch and flush fail more often than
 l> not. No, I do not want to run a proxy server.  I don't need one, I
 l> don't want one.  I just want the client to hold more blocks and to
 l> communicate more efficiently.

That's the main problem! If the Win32 client would close a dial-up
connection after flushing/fetching blocks _and_ would flush/fetch the
blocks more safely (i. e. without that many "network errors") I could
let it connect freely to the net. But with the current state of the
client I am forced to connect manually, for my phone costs' sake...



    You call that a diet?
                        Steve Fahenstalk


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