[RC5] GUI client hangs?

Peter Opitz PeterOpitz at t-online.de
Sun Nov 30 11:08:07 EST 1997

Hallo Lord!

Am 29. November 1997 schrieb Lord Somnolent an rc5 at llamas.net:

 >> I'm still new at this, but I have the client running on ~20 machines
 >> at work, and most of them cannot complete a 24 hour cycle without
 >> locking up. (v2.6401 Win32 GUI).
 LS> Had this same question, and popped into #rc5 and asked someone.
 LS> Forgot who it was, but they said it was still working (hence 100%
 LS> CPU usage).

Same effect on my machine: The logging in the GUI client's window stops 
after approximately 12 hours but the client continues to crack keys. It 
still even issues those nice "moo" sounds... :-) I think it's only an
optical problem, would be nice if fixed but does no real harm.



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