[RC5] GUI client hangs?

fpeeler at mediaone.net fpeeler at mediaone.net
Sun Nov 30 09:31:44 EST 1997

Peter Opitz wrote:
> Same effect on my machine: The logging in the GUI client's window stops
> after approximately 12 hours but the client continues to crack keys. 

I've seen this as well..but the log file is still correct even though
the display is not...and you can still end the client with guicntrl.

What I'm seeing is a different problem, IMO. 

I reduced the lockups by increasing the buffer count (it only seems to
lock up during communicating with the keyserver..I had them all set to 1
because they were all on the local lan with the proxy) but one machine
that  had locked up yesterday did not update the buf-in or buf-out files
for over 12 hours. It has to be be killed in Task Manager in NT or
"close program" in 95...if it is running hidden in 95, the only way out
is to reboot.  Then during shutdown it pops a window saying the "Bovine
client is not responding" and you have to end task..not a good way to
stay hidden ;-)

Unfortunately, since it impacts the client's ability to stay hidden, I'm
not going to able to run it on a lot of the machines under my control,
unless this get fixed. Too bad, too, our team just broke into the top
100 for yesterday but our keyrate is going to plummet after the long
weekend is over<snif>.

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