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Matthew L Bennett lord_buttmonkey at juno.com
Sun Nov 30 11:48:44 EST 1997

>I believe in collecting expensive automobiles.  I therefore intend to 
>my neighbors of theirs.  Of course, I won't use them, so therefore its
>perfectly OK...  Silly, isn't it?  The fact is, even if you only value
>the possession of them, you still owe the money...  You don't have the
>choice that you claim that you do have.  It isn't a choice of use it 
>pay for it or not.  It is more like, possess it and pay for it or 

Some people...

Look, if you copy software from a neighbor, ***he still has it***.  IF
you take his car, and since it can't be copied, you are really taking it,
then you are stealing.

>Of course I do not.  However, the government of the country you live 
>does - at least for the local segment of humanity.  Especially in a
>semi-democratic government.  If Uncle Sam tells you to shoot your next
>door neighbor - go ahead and ignore him, otherwise I'd be a little 
>about what laws you pick and choose.


I think he means that laws should only be obeyed if they serve a purpose.
 Ex. Marijuana laws serve no purpose, Solution: Disobey them.  This kind
of thing has worked in the past.

> A 
>which seems rather appropriate here:

As much right you have to worship as you please (and I will not challenge
that right), I can say only this about the bible:

It is a book ridden with inconsistencies, hipocrisy, disobediance of
one's own principles, and lies.

If anyone doesn't like that attitude, I don't really care.
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