[RC5] Time to completion

Marc Nicholas marc at hippocampus.net
Sun Nov 30 18:52:48 EST 1997

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Jared McIntyre wrote:

> >Not really - IBM has publically demonstrated 1.1GHz PPC chips...
> I don't know when they will be put to market, but IBM has, and will be
> showing at the chip developers convention in february, the 1.1ghz G4, which
> is reported to be a 64 bit chip  that contains either one or two processors
> on each chip (whether each processor is 1.1ghz I don't know).

When you hit microwave levels, chips become a whole different ballgame...
~1ghz outside of the lab may take a lot more effort than a lab prototype.
I can almost hear the FCC guys chuckling ;-)


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