[RC5] Win32: feature creep

steve,,, vort at resnet124.unm.edu
Mon Nov 24 12:44:53 EST 1997

>         Dilbert is (unfortunately) not sarcasm.  This didn't seem so true 
>      back in the 50s and 60s.  Of couse, then, we didn't suffer from the 
>      delusion that adding the adjective "managed" to the front something 
>      made it better.

there was a period there where dilbert got too scary to read because it was
*EXACTLY* like my job down to some strip about when  a new problem comes up
and designing a database to handle it, and then some comment about 'yeh,
and we'll all get matching coffee mugs'.  although, no my boss didn't have
pointy hair...

> So, on a side note, *WHY* do silly big corporations always use the worst 
> e-mail packages the market has to offer?

ok, i've tried to resist, but i've at least got to mention one of the
nastier mail setups i've had to do.  the gateway between cc:mail and the
unix net was a serial line running from a sco unix box to another pc sitting
on the novell lan, from the sco box mail was transferred (using mmdf) to
another sco box via uucp over tcp/ip, where it was ferried across to yet 
another machine, this time a linux box via uucp again , the linux box
was running smail and could talk to the outside world by, yes, you guessed
it, uucp, it would batch up everything and shoot it out about every 15 
minutes, now this was around 3 years ago, i believe they are still using it,
why ? i don't know, but that was how the systems analyst wanted it done...


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