[rc5] OT: PGP mailer

Glen Mcbride Glen_Mcbride at BayNetworks.COM
Wed Oct 1 18:59:22 EDT 1997

At 23:02 30/09/97 -0400, you wrote:
>On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Glen Mcbride wrote:
>> For example:
>> I set up a mail box called "glen at somewhere.net" which is hosted by the very nice people at the mythical location called somewhere.net
>> I send the somewhere.net server my personal PGP public key
>> I tell everyone my email address is "glen at somewhere.net"
>> The somewhere.net machine automagically remails my inbound email to my PGP encrypted!
>This defeats the purpose of encrypting the message.  If the message is
>sent from the writer to the remailer unencrypted, then it's already been
>"exposed", so encrypting it for the second half of its journey would
>serve no purpose.
>The point of PGP (at least the privacy part, as opposed to the
>authentication part) is end-to-end privacy.  From the time it leaves
>the writer's computer to the time you decrypt it, nobody can read it.

Unless your specific focus is only on your provider (Or dare I say it employer) reading your mail, then it has validity

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