[rc5] Bunda?

Harald Meyer haraldme at metronet.de
Thu Oct 2 16:54:13 EDT 1997

Slim wrote:

> >Slim wrote:
> >
> >> Does anyone know who bunda at buceta.caralho.org is, and how he managed to
> >> do 82,919 blocks on his first day on the job?
> Walter wrote:
> > Is this maybe some kind of practical joke?
> There's certainly something odd, perhaps even sinister, about it. In the
> twelve hours after the initial 83000-block day, this team turned in only
> 1000 blocks.

  Maybe somebody was hoarding blocks and sent them at
once to get attention.
1000 blocks in 12 hours that's 150 Pentium 133Mhz, could be a
well organized team, a company or somebody with a big box.

Harald Meyer

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