[rc5] Bunda?

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Oct 2 12:41:13 EDT 1997

At 12:14 AM 10/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone know who bunda at buceta.caralho.org is, and how he managed to do
>82,919 blocks on his first day on the job? Interestingly, there is no DNS
>entry for buceta.caralho.org, and there's no such domain as caralho.org.
>I've tried reading the address backwards and forwards out loud a few times
>to see if there's a hidden message, but if there is I don't see it.

I've been told that it's a mixture of portugese vulgarities.

Let this be an example for anyone who has in the past argued that we should
release the source code to the V2 clients.  This was a massive spam of V1
blocks and has been pulled from the logs and stats.

IPs of the offender will be furnished upon request.  :)

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