[rc5] Trouble with Bovine RC5 client networking through proxy

Jan Erik Neun jan-erik.neun at lmco.com
Thu Oct 2 13:42:27 EDT 1997

At 10:31 02-10-97 -0400, you wrote:
>I am trying to run the Bovine RC5 V2 client from behind a firewall,
>but am having some trouble making network connections.  Below, I'm
>listing all information that might be pertinant with the hope that
>someone can point out a mistake in my setup.  I have read the
>directions and FAQ several times, and experimented with many different
>configurations.  I did manage to retrieve a block from a server once,
>details below.
>Fred Wheeler
>**  PRESENT CLIENT rc5v2.ini FILE
>  % cat rc5v2.ini
>  [parameters]
>  id=wheeler at ipl.rpi.edu
>  threshold=5
>  count=0
>  hours=0
>  timeslice=65536
>  niceness=0
>  logname=rc5v2.log
>  firemode=4
>  keyproxy=rc5proxy.distributed.net
>  httpproxy=nsproxy
>  httpport=80
>  Here are some lines of output from rc5v2 showing the network
>  error messages:
>  | [10/02/97 08:40:27 GMT] Block: 6C1F35:70000000 being processed
>  | [10/02/97 08:40:27 GMT] 0 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
>  |
>  | [10/02/97 09:54:51 GMT] Completed block 6C1F35:70000000 (268435456 keys)
>  |                         01:14:24.49 - [60126.76 keys/sec]
>  | Network::Error Read failed 23/0
>  | PutBuffer Error
>  | Network::Error Read failed3/0
>  | Unable to fetch more blocks, generating random block.
I'm in the same boat.  I set my keyproxy to one of the fixed addresses and
my error rate went down.  Also used the actual IP address.  Still, certain
times I'll get the same errors.  Try setting it to, that's
alpaca.  Of course if alpaca goes down...  Using the main address just gave
me too many errors.  And get more blocks, this way you'll need to be
successful less often.
Jan Erik

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