[rc5] Bunda?

Slim slim at ipapilot.org
Thu Oct 2 13:51:26 EDT 1997

I see that the stats for this "team" now come up blank
The field names are there, but the numbers aren't. The situation get
curiouser and curiouser.

>> > On Thu, 2 Oct 1997 10:12:23 -0400, Rik Ling wrote:
>> >
>> > >Hmmm.  Is everybody else here thinking the same thing that I am?  How
>> > >difficult could it be to write a program that requests blocks from our
>> > >server, stores them, and then falsely reports them as complete---in
>> > >essence, stealing blocks from Bovine in order to use them in another
>> > >cracking effort somewhere else.

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