[rc5] distributed computing vs applications of distribut

Ethan Michael O'Connor zudark at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 2 19:09:56 EDT 1997

>>  Theoretically, this is the right forum.
>Actually, the proper forum would probably be the Idle Cycle Computing 
>list.  Unforunatly that list has gone rather dormant since the end of DES.  
>This list is probably the most active list on this subject and I would 
>consider general discussions of ICDC to be appropriate here.
>The Idle Cycle Computing list is maintained by LISTSERV at 

Unfortunately that machine is (temporarily) dead and may not be with us
for a while. I was running the IDLECOMP list on it but if anyone else would
like to take over it with their machine I can try to see if the list of
subscribers got mangled or if it is still okay.

-Ethan O'Connor
zudark at mit.edu
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