[rc5] Bovine, Infantile or Cyberian?

Pardoe, Richard (prdr) PRDR at chevron.com
Fri Oct 3 16:18:12 EDT 1997

The information can be found at::


The information below is copied from the October 2, 1997 posting:

Bovine <http://rc5.distributed.net/>
   Keys checked: 2.6114e+16
   Speed: 4.6641e+14 keys/day
   Speed: 5398.29 Mkeys/sec
   Percent complete 36.2405%

Cyberian <http://rc5.cyberian.org/>
   Keys checked: 3.1388e+15
   Speed: 5.5061e+13 keys/day
   Speed: 637.28 Mkeys/sec
   Percent complete 4.3560%

Infinite Monkeys <http://www.rc5.cs.wisc.edu/>
   Keys checked: 6.9672e+14
   Speed: 2.4070e+13 keys/day
   Speed: 278.59 Mkeys/sec
   Percent complete 0.9669%

<<Snippet follows>>
> ----------
> From: 	Gary Smith[SMTP:smith1 at netcomuk.co.uk]
> So there's the three different 'teams' (is that what they're called),
> Bovine, Infantile Monkeys and Cyberian. Is there a page detailing who
> of
> the three teams has covered the most keyspace... etc... ?
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