[rc5] buffers

Harald Meyer haraldme at metronet.de
Sun Oct 5 21:17:03 EDT 1997

lunaslide wrote:

> Are the buffer files, specifically the buff-in file, queues or
> stacks?  For example, if I download 100 blocks to the buffer, process
> 75 then flush the processed blocks to the server and fetch 75 more,
> will the client then be working on the 25 that were left in the
> buffer first, or will it start on the new blocks?

>  dan carter wrote: They are stacks :(

AFAK it does'nt matter to keep blocks for some time,
at least until the rest of the cows has eaten up all fresh
blocks without finding "the" key and the server hands
out the unreturned ones a 2nd time.
If you don't want to keep blocks for long, there is a
simple way to fake a FIFO buffer: Create 2 or more
directories and use them round-robin. Set "Blocks to Buffer"
to the same value as "Blocks to complete in run" to keep
the client from creating random blocks.

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