[rc5] Offence and Stats

Stuart Whelan stuartw at chhlth.govt.nz
Mon Oct 6 12:34:40 EDT 1997

At 10:25 AM 10/06/97 +1200, you wrote:
>>If I do not recieve an apology from you, copied to my postmaster, and an
>>explaination for why I have recieved this threating message, I shall be
>>taking legal action under the US code Title 47, Sec 227(b) (1) (C) you have
>>quoted above.
>>I have placed a copy of your 'UNSOLICITED and UNWANTED' junk email below,
>>for your reference.
>That was pretty darn funny. Thanks for the chuckle. :)

*grin* I thought so. :)

The laws don't even apply to me! Gotta love those international boundaries! :)

Just to keep this message on topic: 

There are two things I really miss from the stats, the first is a 'time to
complete keyspace at current rate', and the other is the number of
hosts/teams currently on file.... Any chance of having those buy, Sir
Nugget? :)

Stuart Whelan.
stuartw at chhlth.govt.nz
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