[rc5] v2.005

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Mon Oct 6 11:22:20 EDT 1997

Over the next week or so, we will begin beta testing initial versions of
v2.005 of the client.  Binaries for a couple of platforms are already
available on the ftp site.

We are not expecting these binaries to go into general usage as a
replacement for 2.004 clients.  Instead, they should only be used by people
who wish to help us by testing the new features that we are planning on

Once the new changes have been proven, a 2.006 will be released and 2.005
will disappear.  This continues our numbering scheme that odd numbered
versions are limited-exposure test versions.

Expect that the 2.005 binaries may be updated several times as we make
changes to the source code.  If you will be running the 2.005 binaries, you
should try to periodically make sure that newer binaries for your platform
have not been released.

For those interested, the following is a partial list of the new features:

- Added support for userid/password http proxy firewalls 
- Multithreading extended to unix clients using pthreads 
- Added -frequent option to make best use of intermittend connections. 
- Checkpointing added (5 minute intervals) 
- Windows multithreaded client 
- Divide by zero problem fixed (blocks ending in 0000001) 
- Corrections to speed calculations throughout 
- Whenever network access is required, both a fetch & flush occur, This
should synchronize/minimize network connections. 
- Added mailing of logs 
- "Network::" errors no longer logged to disk 
- Added -ini, -in, and -out command line overrides 
- 'Total completed' information added to logs 
- Added command line options for all current INI file settings 
- Added command line options -benchmark2, -runoffline, -runbuffers 

Binaries for more platforms will slowly begin appearing over the next few
days.  Some of them may feature new speed improvements, but others will
probably only offer speeds comparable to 2.004.

If you encounter problems running 2.005, please try to send your messages
to rc5-coders at llamas.net

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