[rc5] my email address not showing up on rc5.distr..etc

Thomas Kellar tkellar at fsp.fsp.com
Mon Oct 6 16:33:58 EDT 1997

When I go to the email statistics under rc5.distributed.net, only one
instance is the client software seems to show up.  However I have running

1. compiled under SVR3.2 on Intel based UNIX
2. PowerPC on AIX box
3. Ultrasparc running through a firewall
4. 2 windows 95 PCs running the V2 clients (not all the time-just most
   of the time

The Ultrasparc + PowerPC add up to around 350K keys per second and
they run all the time.  They are not showing up.

Any answers?

Thomas Kellar      Tkellar at Dayton.fsp.com    
    How can I wear the harness of toil, and sweat at the daily round,
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