[rc5] my email address not showing up on rc5.distr..etc

Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Mon Oct 6 16:32:34 EDT 1997

>When I go to the email statistics under rc5.distributed.net, only one
>instance is the client software seems to show up.

This is from the rc5stats.distributed.net:

Team Summary for Tkellar at fsp.fsp.com

Current Ranking:        1697
Total blocks checked:   8300
Keyspace Exhausted:     0.0031%
Total keys checked:     2.2 Trillion
Time Working:           132 days
Last Block:             Oct 04, 1997
Overall Rate:           196.85 kkeys/sec

This team does not have a password assigned

Statistics reflect all blocks submitted on or before 1997-10-04
23:59:00.000 GMT

I'm not sure where you're looking to determine how many clients are
reporting for you, since you can't see your own host stats (even if they
were working). The Overall Rate is totally worthless. That's your total
blocks divided by the time your team has been active, in your case 132 days.

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