[rc5] Ramdrive & win95

Mike Burgess Mike.Burgess at trw.com
Tue Oct 7 09:07:58 EDT 1997

Example from my config.sys file:

DEVICE=C:\95\HIMEM.SYS  /testmem:off /verbose
devicehigh=C:\95\RamDrive.sys 2048 128 200 /e
This is what I do at home, I copy my rc5 stuff to the ramdrive, and execute it from there.  I manually copy 
my buffer files every so often to the HDD as a backup.
I run off a UPS, and power my monitor off.  Most I could loose is about 8-10 hours worth of key crunching. After 10 min, the HDD's spin down, so I am only running the PS fan and CPU fan.

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