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graetzke at niu.edu graetzke at niu.edu
Tue Oct 7 10:59:53 EDT 1997

In < at ucs.orst.edu>, on 10/06/97 at 08:15
   Keith Chang <changk at ucs.orst.edu> said:

>>A client that do not touch the disc at all. I can not use spindown 
>>because of the rc5 client is always writing to disc. (windows 

>Only solution I can think of is to set up a small ram drive and run the
>app off of there.  The client needs to write to something, in case of a
>power failure or something that would loose the keys you've been working

How about just running the client off of a floppy.  You would have to stop
the client when you needed to use the floppy drive, but if you are like me
and don't do that very often, then it shouldn't bother you too much. And
then you won't loose work.

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