[rc5] v2.005

Jyri Kaljundi jk at stallion.ee
Tue Oct 7 20:34:58 EDT 1997

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Skip Huffman wrote:

> Actually you can do that with the current client.  Each instance of the
> client uses one processor.  If you are only running one instance of the
> client, you are only useing one processor, to use two processors run two
> clients.  If you have two clients running you will have two processors
> idle. 

Hold on there, because Solaris itself is multi-threaded, I think it does
itself distribute the load a little bit between multiple processors, sorry
if I am incorrect here. Anyway Solaris has commands to group processors
and use them that way for running certain processors on choosen processor

Jyri Kaljundi
jk at stallion.ee
AS Stallion Ltd

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