[rc5] v2.005

Joe Klein jklein at mail.il-icom.net
Tue Oct 7 14:32:34 EDT 1997

>At 20:15 06.10.97 -0700, Keith Chang wrote:
>>Only solution I can think of is to set up a small ram drive and run the app
>>off of there.  The client needs to write to something, in case of a power
>>failure or something that would loose the keys you've been working on.
>Do you know software for a ram drive under Win/NT?
>regards, mike

Why is it such a big deal to be able to turn off your harddrive? Actually,
continually turning it off and then back on again is not good for it, just
let it be. :) Also, if you DO setup a ramdrive, you will loose ALL work
that couldn't be dumped on to a harddrive, in case of ignorance (co-worker
shutdown machine, thinking it is not being used) or by an act of God (power
outage, etc etc.)

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By the way, you are incorrect in this assumption. If this were true, then
spam wouldn't be a problem, now would it? (Food for though, but not here.)
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