[rc5] Ramdrive & disk idle

dan carter daniel.carter at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Wed Oct 8 11:08:20 EDT 1997

Joe Klein wrote:
> I am still curious on why people don't want things running in their
> computer overnight? Oddly enough, if it to "save electricity", this is
> minimal.. considering that the average computer now runs on less
> electricity (wattage wise) than the lights over your computer. (Please
> correct me if I am wrong, I know that there may be other factors in play
> here... but I didn't take enough physics to learn all about electricity...)
> ----

For me is is:
1 noise (some machines are in my bedroom)
2 wasted power (enviromental waste)
3 wasted power (financial waste)

A brand new segate IDE drive, which probably uses less power than older
drives in use, uses up to 6.6Watts, 4.8Watts when idle, and 1.0 when on
standby (presumably standby means spundown). From the amount off heat
coming off my old SCSI disks i expect they use at least ten times that.
So you using about 75% less power in the disk, though admitadly the
average light bulb (75watts) uses 19 times the amount being saved, but
thats OK, because i turn my light off when i go to bed. And every little
bit still counts. Lets see ~10,000 desktop machines involved * 4 Watt
saving = 40,000Watts.


-dan out
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