[rc5] Netware/IntraNetware client?

Phil Reed pcr at ic.net
Tue Oct 7 21:01:13 EDT 1997

David McNett <nugget at slacker.com> writes thus:

>>Does anybody know if work is done to develop a Novell IntraNetware
>>rc5-client? I have a lot of such machines here, with good CPU'S, that are
>>only used 1-2% for the work. The rest could be used for RC5...
>Thus saith the FAQ (http://rc5.distributed.net/FAQ/rc5faq.html):
>How about an NLM for my NetWare servers?
>This idea has been tossed around, but the general opinion has always been
>that those sites who have NetWare servers are not comfortable enough to
>donate their servers as testing platforms. 

I actually have a couple that could be used, and in fact if you can come up
with a spare 486 or higher with 32 meg or more, it's not difficult to build
an extra server. The current system doesn't even need licenses, provided
you only have one person connecting to it.

By the same token, we don't find
>many unix shops running rc5 on their DNS name servers either. :) 
>In theory, it's certainly possible, but porting the client would be a royal
>pain. Even simple screen I/O as an NLM is a laborious task 

So don't do any screen I/O. Create the INI file elsewhere.

>and the
>networking code would have to be completely rewritten, and we'd probably
>need to teach the client about IPX...

Not for a long time. We're running IP in parallel with IPX (I'm even using
a couple of my servers as routers). IP is relatively easy on Novell now, and
promises to get easier.

>All this for NLM code that everyone we
>asked would be "reluctant" to run on their production servers... 

Probably still true. I wouldn't run it on my main servers, since a crash there
would impact a lot of people, but I've got some auxilary servers setting
and will probably have more soon. If they talked to my proxy, I'd be happy.

>If you want
>to give it a shot, more power to you, the coding team will be as helpful as
>possible, but we've all decided that the benefits do not outweigh the
>difficulties involved. 

I'd love to, but no (1) SDK or (2) time.

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