[rc5] Re: OS/2 ramdisk and spindown

Sanford Olson sanford at msn.fullfeed.com
Wed Oct 8 00:36:27 EDT 1997

At 10:15 AM 10/8/97 +1300, you wrote:
>> Why is it such a big deal to be able to turn off your harddrive? Actually,
>> continually turning it off and then back on again is not good for it, just
>> let it be. :)
>Oh yeah, those specs list start/stops at 40,000.
>So 40000/(365*5year service life=1825)=22 spindowns and up per day

Not to mention that the 1,000,000 hour MTBF (Seagate Barracuda 4.55GB)
means that your hard drive will probably out-live your grandchildren!  *grin*

- Sanford
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