[rc5] Random blocks steal from my blocks?

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Wed Oct 8 07:16:02 EDT 1997


Michael B. Clark <mclark at homemail.com> wrote:

>If I complete a range of 200 blocks over the period of two weeks, 
>flush them back to wherever they go, and then the stats a couple of 
>days later say I've only increased 187 blocks, is it a reasonable 
>guess that in the two weeks I was working on that range that several 
>people somewhere in the world randomly processed and flushed a few of

>"my" blocks, and that's why I didn't get credit for them?

That's one possible explanation. Another is that the other 13 blocks
went to a proxy server that, for one reason or another, hasn't been
able to submit the blocks to the master server yet.

>If that is 
>true, then as we get closer and closer to the end of this project, 
>everyone will be missing more and more blocks from their expected 

Or, it could just be a spate of random blocks we had. (Specifically,
one of the computers on my team was doing random blocks offline for a
while, so it submitted 500 blocks I had fetched a few weeks ago, as
well as another 1200 or so random blocks - this is why
barryn at pobox.com rocketed from (approx.) 1560th place to 1330th.)

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