[rc5] GUIWIN32 clogging my CPU

Peter 'Boppen' Boräng petbor at rsv.se
Wed Oct 8 19:13:13 EDT 1997

At 18:04 1997-10-08 +0200, you wrote:

That is because it's using all those CPU cycles that otherwise would have
gone into the idle loop. As a result you will have a 100% cpu utilization
all the time while running any of the RC5 clients.


>GUIWIN32.EXE is taking up about 80 to 90% CPU on my Windows 95 machine.
>That's ridiculous!
>I realized that while using the WinTop program which is part of the MS
>kernel toys.
>Is this a known issue? Is there any way to get around that?

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