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>I have a problem with running the rc5 client (on a NT4.0 
computer) when I'm
>developing in Java.

Developing in, or using programs written in?

>The java garbage collection is set to run on system idle time 
and if I have
>a rc5 client there is no system idle time so the garbage 
collection is
>never executed. Is there any way around this. The only way 
around this is
>that the rc5 client have to fake the system idle event. 

>This will also occure when a MFC system runns and tries to 
handle the
>garbage collection. (When ever a object is created in 

>I consider this to be a major bug / problem and have to be 
fixed as soon as

	Option A.  Call Microsoft.  Tell them that Microsoft's 
implementation of Java is broken, in that it is possible to 
keep garbage collection from ever running.  They will not 
respond, but will include "AutoGarbageCollection(TM)" as one of 
the features in the next service pack for the Java VM.

	Option B.  Call Sun.  Tell them that Java is broken.  Explain 
that although automatic garbage collection is nice, there are 
ways to break it, especially on Microsoft's VM.  They will talk 
to Microsoft and demand that they stop using Java alltogether.  
They may even file suit!  :)

	Option C.  Check the Java reference.  Find that there is a 
function to call that will cause garbage collection to happen.  
It is called System.gc  Use it.  Revel in the fact that other 
people's code will eat memory and never give it back while 
yours will work smoothly.  Consider it a feature and charge 
extra money for it.  Share the extra money with me.

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