[rc5] GUIWIN32 clogging my CPU

Christian Holmqvist pt95cho at student.hk-r.se
Wed Oct 8 22:59:22 EDT 1997

At 19:00 1997-10-08 +0200, you wrote:
I have to warn you about a problem with running Bovine on NT as when
running a lot of long time Windows systems. Some parts of MFC only Garbage
collect when the System Idle process kicks in. 

This could lead to major preformance decrees in some application (I can't
give any example, this is just theoreticle)....

Whatch out for this....

Cheers Christian

>I'm running Bovine on a lot of different systems (NT, Mac, Solaris, SGI,
>Linux, ... my team is called jo at dinf.vub.ac.be), but NT is the operating
>system where it causes no problems at all (when running as a service).

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