[rc5] Something clogging your CPU ;-)

Daniel Baker dbaker at wrangler.cuckoo.com
Wed Oct 8 16:47:58 EDT 1997

> Jan Stanger wrote
> > GUIWIN32.EXE is taking up about 80 to 90% CPU on my Windows 95 machine.
> > That's ridiculous!
> Daniel Baker wrote
> > On my UNIX machines, it uses about 86% of the CPU when it's basically
> > idle....
> Hmmm..., on my linuxbox (a P133) it gets some 99.4% if I don't touch it. :-)
> If the bovine client gets 80 to 90% on an idle machine, that means some
> process(es) use 10 to 20% without doing anything useful.
> On UNIX (at least Linux) "top" seems to use a lot of cycles, especially running
> in Xterm and putting load on the X server. On W95 I've seen system monitors
> using up to 15% for their own purposes. Think twice if you really need them.
> If my machine is idle, the only "active" user processes are:
> top, running in a rxvt, updating every 30 sec.
> xload, updating every 10 sec.
> TkDesk, updating every 5 sec, a
> "tail -f nohup.out" doing whatever it wants and
> Netscape sometimes wants the CPU, don't know why.

My UNIX machines are BSDI and Solaris _servers_.  They are like DNS,
mail, etc servers -- not workstations. :)  I guess that would
explain it, eh? 


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