[rc5] firewall problems

Brian Greul (Exch) bbraf08 at exch-imc.b-r.com
Wed Oct 8 16:35:42 EDT 1997

I have finally gotten several of my machines to run against a proxy
The problem is that I can't get around our firewall.
We only have a few ports enabled and NO DNS or Socks.
I have to go through http or telnet or ftp and I have to authenticate to
the firewall.
Does anyone else have a similiar problem?
I would like to get this working so I can add a large number of boxes at
work. (we have several labs)
So far I have decided to just let them crack random keys, but this isn't
very productive.
I have also considered importing and exporting the key files with
Does anyone know if the personal proxy files are the same between
i.e. mac and NT?
My teammate is running a mac and could email the files... .:)


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