[rc5] Unsolicited email

David N Murray dmurray at home.com
Wed Oct 8 22:14:29 EDT 1997

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Brian B. Burton wrote:

> Aren't you clever! 
> So why don't I call UUnet and complain? I did. Their reply is that they will
> look into it. They probably have 250-300 dialup lines in Kansas City Mo, so
> the chance of them finding this guy???
> So the next time you get junk mail, please realize just how untraceable the
> person mailing it made themselves.
> The Great BrianB

Actually, because of the recent banning of all uunet posts to usenet they
have become alot more responsive.  As far as not being able to track the
POP user that sent the e-mail, that's wrong.  Their accounting logs most
certainly track who was logged onto what port at what time.  It depends on
their level of commitment to eradicate the problem as to whether you can
actually get someone to grep the logs.

I just contacted them today regarding some UCE, and they responded within
four hours that the problem was from an ISP that they supply and would
forward my complaint to the upstream ISP.

Am I missing out on something wonderful?  I make it a point to track the
headers and haven't come across anything that looks like it was bounced
through someone else's server.  I am only seeing pinheads who do it from a
dialup account (received from ppp233.stl.mo.uu.net) or agis customers that
don't even bother to mask themselves (other than the From address).


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