[rc5] Unsolicited email

Walter Taninatz waldo at voicenet.com
Wed Oct 8 23:18:42 EDT 1997

Our only hope is to convince people not to buy anything advertised by a
spammer. Also, to let the people hiring spammers know that we will not buy
their products/services.
Maybe by removing the economic incentive, they will just go away.

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At 03:15 PM 10/8/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Why don't you turn on Authentication on your mail server?
>There is a way (at a performance cost) to log all connecitons.
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>>Aren't you clever! 
>>Did it ever occure to you that they use fake return mail addresses, so all
>>you do is inconvenience Internet system admins with your junk mail caught in
>>the system?  So what's the big point - if you inconvienience their ISP, they
>>will kick the spammer off, right? WRONG. Most spammers "bounce" their email
>>off of innocent third party mail machines, using fake return addresses to
>>make it harder to track. 
>>In my case, I run a mail server. Some idiot using UUnet is systematically
>>using my mail server to bounce spam to AOL. this will cause AOL to ban me
>>and all of the other legitimate users of my system from sending mail to
>>existing friends and clients on AOL. 
>>The idiot doing the spamming is using fake adress from hot mail to make them
>>look bad. something like somebody@@hotmail.com. You'll notice the 2 "at"
>>signs. This causes the spam reciepient who is now pissed to reply to the
>>spammer, only the spammer doesn't exist (the hotmail address changes for
>>every 15 pieces of email) and the double at signs cause the reply to be
>>bounced to the mail server it came from (mine). The net result is that I got
>>about 10 pieces of VERY nasty mail for something I or any of my legitimate
>>users DIDN'T DO!
>>I've since had to auto delete ALL outgoing mail to AOL, while I close the
>>door in the spammers face. 
>>So why don't I call UUnet and complain? I did. Their reply is that they will
>>look into it. They probably have 250-300 dialup lines in Kansas City Mo, so
>>the chance of them finding this guy???
>>So the next time you get junk mail, please realize just how untraceable the
>>person mailing it made themselves.
>>The Great BrianB
>>Protect your right to own and arm bears.
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>>     How about a distributed anti-spammer mailbomber?  Each element of the 
>>     collective sends a copy of the offending spam and a copy of the 
>>     *lengthy* US ... article to the offender.  Although no particular 
>>     person can be singled out for having bombed the site...
>>            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu
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