[rc5] rc5 nicness

dan carter daniel.carter at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Thu Oct 9 19:09:09 EDT 1997

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997 22:37:53 -0400 (EDT), TwinTowers || wrote:

>I think the point is, the GC has been designed to run or work only when 
>the system is idle. So no matter how high its priority, it won't do any 
>work as long as RC5 is taking up all the CPU time.

But how does it know when the system is idle?
Monitor disk I/O, memory I/O, CPU temperature, K/B activity? i expect
The sensible way to do this is to run GC in a sepearate thread at the
lowest priority, then it will only run when the system is otherwise
idle. This is how RC5 claims to only run when the system is idle.
So if GC runs at idle +1 then it will still run when the system would
be otherwise idle, and would run before rc5 takes over.
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